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Our Hospitals

Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College is associated with several hospitals, providing students with ample real-life experiences and training. These state-of-the-art hospitals are among the most comprehensive private healthcare facilities available in the region, supported by amenities and staff to provide patients with quality care.

Subang Jaya Medical Centre – SJMC

The multi-disciplinary Subang Jaya Medical Centre is a centre of excellence for cancer, blood and internal medicine. SJMC is also home to the Mediplex service which caters to the continued well-being of patients.

Subang Jaya Medical Centre is an internationally accredited, 393-bed multi-disciplinary private hospital in Malaysia, widely recognised as a pioneer at the forefront of exceptional clinical practice in the region.

This state-of-the-art facility delivers outstanding patient care using the most innovative medical technologies. Our commitment to exceptional medical practice means SJMC is one of Malaysia’s most trusted hospitals, and the only two-time winner of the coveted Prime Minister’s Quality Award for private hospitals in Malaysia.

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Ara Damansara Medical Centre – ADMC

Ara Damansara Medical Centre offers world class services for neurological conditions, orthopaedic and cardiology services. The facilities at this centre is complemented by relaxing rooftop garden, while highly talented staff ensure a patients journey to regain health remains comfortable.

Ara Damansara Medical Centre is an award-winning, 220-bed multidisciplinary private hospital in Selangor, Malaysia, providing exceptional patient care at the forefront of medical practice in the region.

At ADMC we’re proud pioneers of medical excellence. We offer immaculately presented facilities alongside comprehensive, compassionate clinical care to ensure that every step of your patient journey is delivered to the highest possible standard.

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ParkCity Medical Centre – PMC

The scenic Parkcity Medical is a lifestyle centre of health for women, children and the elderly, with specialists especially trained to understand the unique care needed for them. The centre is located in a soothing natural setting, enhancing the delivery of healthcare.

ParkCity Medical Centre is a 300-bed, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offering award-winning private healthcare in a glorious natural environment.

At ParkCity Medical Centre we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care provided by highly-trained healthcare professionals utilising the most innovative clinical techniques. We also recognise that the environment in which you receive you care can have a significant impact on your healthcare experience.

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Ramsay Simedarby Premier Bintaro – RSPB

RS Premier Bintaro started operations on 12 October 1998 in Bintaro Jaya, specialising in orthopaedic services. With its Ramsay Spine Centre, a team of specialists from related fields address various spinal problems in their patients.

Located in Bintaro Jaya the RS Premier Bintaro hospital building is integrated, uniquely designed and covers an area of 12000 m2. It started operations on 12 October 1998 under the name International Hospital Bintaro and by August 12, 2010 International RS Bintaro was renamed RS PREMIER BINTARO. The hospital name change was done to comply with applicable laws and regulations of Indonesia World Class Hospitals. RS Premier Bintaro is part of the Ramsay Health Care Group, Australia’s largest private hospital group and has more than 100 hospitals and day surgery facilities in Australia, Britain, France and Indonesia.

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Ramsay Simedarby Premier Jatinegara – RSPJ

RS Premier Jatinegara, formerly RS Mitra International, is a health care referral centre for Jakarta. It is a leading private hospital in East Jakarta, renowned as a one-stop centre for consultation, examinations, surgical procedures and in-patient services.Premier Jatinegara Hospital officially replaced the name of RS Mitra Internasional starting from 12th August 2010.

Premier Jatinegara Hospital is a private hospital that has become a health care referral for physicians and communities in need. Operated since March 25, 1989, Premier Jatinegara Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in East Jakarta with great advantages, including a commitment to quality, ease of access, service quality, and the broad range of specialist services and medical support equipments.

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Ramsay Simedarby Premier Surabaya – RSPS

Located in Jawa Timur, RS Premier Surabaya believes in quality human resources, with specialists accredited by the Medical Advisory committee, friendly nursing staff and an emphasis on training all staff to promote quality of service.

As part of Ramsay Health Care Australia, Premier Surabaya Hospital headquarter is Ramsay Health Care Indonesia in Jakarta, which also owns two other hospitals; Premier Jatinegara Hospital and Premier Bintaro Hospital. Premier Surabaya Hospital is a modern health service and medical facilities for Surabaya community and around, under the management of Ramsay Health Care Australia and as a joint commitment from Indonesia and Australia expertise in Hospitality. Premier Surabaya Hospital started to operate at March 1998.

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