Post Basic in Critical Care Nursing | RSDH College

Post Basic in Critical Care Nursing

Duration: 6 Months

Study Mode: Conventional

Delivery Method: Theory, tutorial and clinical practice


The Critical Care Nursing course prepares graduates for the challenges of practices in the field of critical care. The critical care nurses will be able to work in the subsets of adult, pediatric and neonatal care, caring for acutely ill patients of all ages.

The graduates will be certified as critical care nurses that will ensure all critically ill patients receive optimal care for the illnesses and injuries.

Majority of these nurses will work in hospital settings where critically ill patients are present, including intensive care units, cardiac care units, telemetry units, progressive care units, emergency departments, and recovery rooms. Some critical care nurses also work in nursing homes, schools, outpatient surgery centers and flight units.


  • 6 months duration 
  • Behavioural Sciences          
  • – Fundamental Aspects of Critical Care Management
  • Medical Sciences     
  • –  Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nursing Sciences
  • –  Critical Care Nursing Patients with Cardiovascular disorders
  • –  Central Nervous and Renal disorders
  • –  Gastrointestinal
  • –  Endocrine and Hematology disorders
  • –  Neonatal disorders
  • –  Clinical practice

Tuition Fee

  • Post Basic (Critical Care Nursing, Perioperative Nursing, Renal Nursing, Oncology Nursing) – RM8,000–RM13,000