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Why male nurses are in demand?

Why male nurses are in demand?

Nursing as a profession has been considered “women’s work” for a long time now. If you were to go to several nursing schools, you would notice that the number of female students was way higher than that of the males.

This status quo is gradually changing as the number of men in the profession is slowly increasing. The demand for male nurses is on the rise and this is due to some unique characteristics that they bring to the table. So why are male nurses in demand?

Disclaimer: This article is not aimed at demeaning the impact of female nurses (female nurses are also as important as the males), but it is aimed at appreciating the unique contribution that male nurses contribute to the health care system.

Men being in the nursing profession is something new, this does not displace the women but only complements their efforts and skills.

1) Physical Strength

It is no secret that men and women are biologically built with certain unique attributes. So in that sense, men are naturally built to wield more strength. The body of a man is built to exert strength.

When nurses are in situations where they have to lift very heavy materials, it becomes quite obvious that a male nurse would be most suitable for the task. There are women who are strong too, but because of the natural order of things, men tend to be stronger and are more suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

2) Religious inclinations

As a nurse, physical contact is a must, because of this in certain countries like Malaysia where there is a large Muslim population, there are usually reservations when it comes to female nurses handling male patients and vice versa. So in such a situation, male nurses are required to create a balance, and also to help make the patient comfortable.

Thus when it comes to situations where physical contact is inevitable, the male nurse can step in so that the patient would be more comfortable. If there are no male nurses in the hospital, a patient may opt to try out another healthcare facility because of his or her religious orientation. So male nurses are needed to satisfy a certain class of patients.

3) Work and Family commitment

Most female nurses try to balance their work and family commitments and they have to go the extra mile in order to balance this. Most female nurses will end up as mothers and this can impact their work as they need time off to cater for the newborn child and also when the child falls ill, they have to be there.

This responsibility is reduced in the case of a man. Men are more career minded than women so they do not battle with the responsibility of childbirth and other womanly activities.

4) A different approach

Another character that male nurses have is a high level of concentration, quick thinking, and problem-solving skills. Most female nurses are endowed with this character too. However, males and females view situations differently, most females look from the emotional perspective while men do not. So combining these two different views will help to provide balance in managing the health of the patient.

Men can go for any nursing programme of their choice in Malaysia. Nursing colleges accept male nurses and as you have seen, there is a demand for them. Are you a man who is considering to be a nurse? Go for a diploma in nursing, or any nursing course in Malaysia. The era of gender bias in nursing is coming to an end. Men are now welcomed in that sector and their services are highly needed.