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What is Post Basic Nursing?

What is Post Basic Nursing?

Nurses are healthcare professionals that assist the medical team especially the medical doctor in carrying out treatments and surgeries. They are trained ultimately to ensure that the patient is taken care of. A registered nurse is able to provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services to patients and to the community they live in.

The nurse is not an unimportant part of the medical team, in fact, they are indispensable in the world of medicine. Without nurses, there will be a lot of loopholes and inadequacies in the healthcare sector because the other healthcare practitioners will not be able to handle everything on their own.

Becoming a nurse in Malaysia is more than a profession, it is an occupation that allows you to serve patients and ensure their health is intact. As a nurse, you have the ability to make so much impact on the lives of the people that visit the health centre. So as much as you are paid for your job, being a nurse gives you a sense of satisfaction. Being able to help people and cause changes gives you satisfaction and joy.

However, in order to become a nurse in Malaysia, there are certain skills and attributes you would need, including compassion, patience, discipline, focus, eye for detail and constant learning in order to keep up with the world of nursing. These are some of the skills you will need and there are others.

Post Basic Nursing Course in Malaysia

Post basic nursing can simply be defined as a Degree Programme (Bachelor of Science Degree) in nursing, and it is offered in nursing and Health Sciences College in Malaysia. The Degree Programme consists mainly of a mixture of classroom and practical sessions that help to equip the students.

It exposes the student to a higher level of training that prepares them for more critical duties in the hospital. The post basic nursing course lasts two years in Malaysia.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Post Basic Nursing Course, you must have met the following criteria:

  1. Passed General Nursing and Midwifery Course in any healthcare college in Malaysia.
  2. Must be a registered nurse and midwife according to the regulatory commission in the country.
  3. Must be medical fit, this will be confirmed through a series of tests.
  4. Must be selected based on merit when you pass the entrance exams conducted by an Authority of nursing and Health Sciences College in Malaysia.

Basically, the course is aimed at upgrading nurses that have a diploma in nursing. It upgrades them into professional and more competent nurses. This course is offered by nursing colleges in Malaysia and it is a nursing program that would increase the number of job opportunities for a nurse in Malaysia.


After you complete the Post Basic Nursing Programme in Malaysia, you will be equipped to:

  • Evaluate the health status, needs, and problems of families and the community where you practice.
  • Plan, implement and also follow-up on the services you provide.
  • Be competent in applying certain nursing techniques based on correct concepts and principles.
  • Prevent, treat and promote health care services within your location.
  • Communicate effectively with the healthcare team.
  • Show a high level of leadership qualities in different challenging situations.
  • Teach younger nurses and also patients on health-related matters.


Nurses are very important in the healthcare sector, without them the healthcare team would be incomplete and will struggle in providing optimum care and services. A post-Basic Degree in nursing will help your career greatly in Malaysia. You will be able to move into other roles like education, administration, and others.

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