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Overseas Qualified Nurses and Foreign Trained Nurses in Malaysia

Overseas Qualified Nurses and Foreign Trained Nurses in Malaysia

A nurse as a healthcare professional is one who has undergone training and has learned how to take care of sick people — providing medical attention or assistance and helping them through their process of recovery.

Nurses must possess some certain qualities that can help them attend to any kind of patient. They must be patient and calm, hospitable, and tolerant. Not everyone gets employed to become a nurse. Nurses can be trained overseas or their countries of origin. They can also look for employment in other countries but must meet certain requirements before they are considered for employment in certain countries including Malaysia.

A diploma in nursing in an institution with a Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN) accreditation, which is duly recognized by the Nursing Board Malaysia is enough to get a nursing job in any hospital or clinic as a staff.

There are a lot of nursing programmes available in Malaysian nursing schools, which offer courses in all the branches of nursing (pediatric nursing, midwifery, neonatal nursing, and clinical care nursing). There are also different requirements for different nursing degrees, such as a diploma in nursing, a degree in nursing, masters in nursing, or Ph.D. in nursing. Major nursing courses in Malaysia for a diploma, degree, masters, and Ph.D. programmes are Nursing, Nursing Science, and Nursing (honors).

For overseas qualified nurses seeking to work in Malaysia, here are the employment requirements you must possess:

  1. You must have a current nursing registration/licensure from your country of origin.
  2. You must have a 3-year diploma in nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  3. You must have a clinical practice experience of at least three years.
  4. You must possess a verification of transcript or verification of training from a recognized nursing body in your country of origin.
  5. You must abide by domestic laws and regulations and the Nurses act of 1950.

In Malaysia, here are the employment criteria for foreign-trained nurses in clinical areas:

  1. You must be 27 to 50 years old.
  2. You must possess at least 3 years of clinical experience after studies and must possess specialization in nursing. You must have evidence of certification from an authorized body of your country of origin.
  3. Period of work must not exceed 5 years after which you must leave the country and have a cooling off period of 3 months.
  4. Only nurses who are registered under their country of origin’s nursing board or council, and who possess a verification of transcript or verification of training, will be considered.
  5. The quota for employment of foreign-trained nurses is 40% of the total number of local nurses in that particular institution.
  6. Foreign-trained nurses shall not be allowed to practice obstetrics or become a clinical instructor in all clinical areas.
  7. Foreign-trained nurses allowed to practice in Malaysia are the ones that have the approval of the Selection Committee for Recruitment of Foreign-Trained Nurses.
  8. Only Malaysian citizens can hold the highest nursing positions in the country.
  9. Employment application must be made through the employer.
  10. The employer must receive the Temporary Practicing Certificate from the Nursing Board Malaysia before application for the approval of Work Permit and multiple entry visa from the immigration board.
  11. Only foreign-trained nurses with Temporary Practice Certificates (TPC), approval of Work Permit and Multiple Entry Visa from the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are allowed to work.
  12. You must be fluent in both spoken and written English.
  13. You must possess a Temporary Practice Certificate (TPC) issued by the Nursing Board Malaysia, which you must renew yearly.
  14. You must abide by domestic laws and regulations and the Nurses act of 1950.

Source: Official Portal of Nursing Division, Ministry of Health :

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