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Nursing School Myths That No Student Should Fall For

Nursing School Myths That No Student Should Fall For

Many people believe different stories about the nursing school, many myths, stories, grainy and horrible stories. For instance, some say that nursing school is too hard, or those that take the stand that nursing school takes too long, there is this common one that says nursing school is for the smart ones, and it is too expensive.


We heard all of these same things over and over again about nursing school. However, after one went through a programme in nursing, he or she would figure out that many of these things were MYTHS. However, psychologically it tends to limit or hinders one’s preference. Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College in Malaysia has proven to dispel this incongruous statement about nursing school.

Here with us is some compilation of those myths that will get you up on your feet and we hope this will help disprove those myths.


Nursing school is for smart people

Many say nursing school is meant for the extraordinary students, the smart ones. Is that so? No. It only requires being able to read, write and put effort into studying; your passion is all you need to succeed as a nurse.

If nursing is your passion or what you love, it will be your guide and your motivation to succeed. All you have to do is believe in yourself and be willing to commit time to study; then you’ll make it in nursing school.


Nursing school is for the young

Many are they that do ask this question all the time, here in a nursing college in Malaysia, there are a variety of age groups which left nursing not only for a specific age group. Our age shouldn’t be a barrier that impedes us from achieving what we are passionate about.


Nursing has been stereotyped to be for female only

This is a widespread notion that nursing is a feminine position. It’s so glaring that this has been disproved as wrong, many males take the nursing course here in Malaysia. As it rebutted the wrong stereotyped motion.

Recent studies have shown that men are entering the nursing profession more than any other time due to the appeal of nursing specialities.


Nursing school is hard

Is nursing school hard? No. As far as we know, nursing school is not hard; it only involves lots of commitment and seriousness. If the nursing school is hard as been exaggerated to be, we’d have no nurses.


Nursing school involves lots of mathematics

This is untrue! If you can perform the simple application of maths like, add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you’re good! Here in the nursing programme in Malaysia you only need to take a probability and statistics class (as does every major), but this isn’t too difficult.


Nursing school requires you to write a lot of papers and give speeches

In most cases, most universities require a basic speech course for all students; some healthcare colleges do require some minor presentation. In some cases, it may also be required to give a presentation in one or two of your nursing lecture courses.

Nursing school requires just about the same amount of research paper applicable to many other courses.


Nursing school is for those that are not afraid of blood

Yes, we do understand the fact that you’ll see much blood in clinicians, so it’s good to desensitize yourself to it. But still, there are careers within the tapestry of nursing that do not require a lot of contact with blood, among them are management positions, nurse educator, etc.


In a nutshell, these myths should not be a barrier that impedes you from pursuing your passion in nursing. Nursing is an extremely rewarding career and one of the most respected professions in the world. To find out more about the different types of nursing programmes offered at Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College, visit: