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Nursing Or Physiotherapy: Which Career Should I Go Into?

Nursing Or Physiotherapy: Which Career Should I Go Into?

I see you have two choices before you; Nursing or Physiotherapy, both are healthcare-related courses that require a higher level of diligence and a dogged spirit.

Now choosing which one to study in college is dependent on so many factors from personal interest, and a burning passion to help others to financial and career goals.

Nurses plan, provide and coordinate care to patients in hospital, home health and other care settings.

They play vital roles in healthcare and achieving successful health therapy would be impossible without the hard work and dedication of nurses.

While Physiotherapist works with patients who have been injured and disabled.

According to various scientific researches, demand for health care professionals is expected to get higher between 2020 and 2030 in Malaysia because of an ageing population, chronic diseases such as diabetes, advances in technology, and a better outlook on preventive care in the country will make health care professions lucrative.

Therefore on financial ground, both courses will guarantee an above decent income without the threat of economic backlash.

Nurses can get a job almost anywhere from a nursing home, hospitals to a home health care aides.

However, the nursing profession can be very demanding, because nurses have to work long hours combined with night shifts and they also have to work on most weekends.

Physiotherapists, on the other hand, require long and irregular work hours, and the daily task can be physically and mentally taxing.

Physiotherapists are sought after by NGOs, wellness centres, health centres, fitness clubs/ sports facilities, nursing homes community, etc.

Physiotherapists can also choose to be self-employed, for example, serving companies dealing with rehabilitation equipment.

To be a nurse in Malaysia typically requires a candidate to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in Nursing, but with a diploma in nursing one can practice.

diploma in nursing is normally three years long, upon completion you can register with the Nursing Board Malaysia as a staff nurse and start your career as a nurse.

To get a diploma in nursing, you need to meet the following requirements: a minimum of five credits including Bahasa, Melayu, Mathematics, English and a science subject.

In addition to the above requirements, you will also need to have a medical check-up to certify that you are medically fit as there are some medical conditions that will make you unable to enrol for a diploma course in nursing.

Having successfully completed the diploma in nursing, you can proceed to get a degree in nursing college or university, this takes an average of two 

to three years. On the other hand, in order to become a physiotherapist in Malaysia, one will require at least a Diploma in Physiotherapy, which is usually a 3-year course.


The prerequisite of a Diploma in Physiotherapy are minimum 5 credits in Malay Language, English, Mathematics, one Science subject and one any other subject for SPM or O-Level examination.

Upon completion of the 3-year diploma, graduates can choose to seek employment or opt to continue with their Physiotherapy education by pursuing a Degree in Physiotherapy.

While a Diploma in Physiotherapy equips graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills to perform basic physiotherapy diagnosis and perform the treatment procedures, a Degree in Physiotherapy allows graduates to gain greater competency in assessing, selecting and applying the right treatment techniques.


In addition, clinical postings are required throughout a Degree in Physiotherapy for acquisition of key practical skills.

Healthcare disciplines encompass the study of the understanding, prevention, and cure of diseases, disability and the investigation of physical and mental wellbeing.

With the right mindset, the difficulties associated with studying healthcare-related courses can be overcome, as a career path it leads to a happy and fulfilling career.

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