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Being an Oncology Nurse in Malaysia

Being an Oncology Nurse in Malaysia

The nursing profession is more than just a job; it is a service to humanity.

Nurses provide care that helps individuals achieve and maintain quality health. While nurses are in high demand around the world, those who specialize in oncology are a valuable asset in the healthcare industry.

Cancer is on the rise and it affects individuals of all ages. Oncology nurses in Malaysia are trained in nursing and health sciences college to care for patients with cancer. Not only are they involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but they also help in managing its symptoms and providing support for the families of cancer patients.

Very often oncology nurses work in hospitals, but their services can also be rendered in ambulatory care centres, specialty medical centres, and home care organizations.

No matter where they are found, oncology nurses try to develop a deep relationship with their patients in order to help them beat cancer or at least cope with the pain and suffering they experience.

If you are interested in becoming an oncology nurse in Malaysia, there are certain requirements that you must fulfil. Consider the following:

1. Education

Like every other profession, you must receive training to become an oncology nurse. You need to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an approved nursing college in Malaysia to start practicing.

If you do not want to take the BSN route, you can opt for a 2-year associate’s degree or a 3-year diploma in nursing. After a few years of practice and commitment to your continuous education, you can decide to get a master’s degree in nursing.

2. Registration/Licensure

After obtaining a university degree or a diploma in nursing, you need to get registered with the Nursing Board of Malaysia to start your career as an oncology nurse. You should also ensure that the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) recognizes your nursing qualification to enable you to practice as a registered nurse.

3. Skills

Not only are oncology nurses expected to abide by the Nurses act of 1950, but they are also to possess certain skills that will help them excel in their career.

Here are 4 essential qualities and skills that they must develop:

a) Compassion

Nursing is all about compassion for the sick, the desire to alleviate their suffering and help them get better. In the course of their job, oncology nurses encounter critically ill patients who may be depressed, highly emotional, aggressive and sometimes irrational.

Oncology nurses show compassion by being sensitive to the pain of these patients, showing empathy, as well as assuring and encouraging them.

b) Patience

Nurses need to be patient. They must learn to listen to their patients when they express themselves and must also understand that people respond differently to certain medical treatments.

Nurses especially need to be patient when a particular treatment is yet to bring the desired result.

c) Effective Communication Skills

In the course of your clinical training, you will be sent to a private or public hospital or even a community health centre to gain experience.

If you do not have good communication skills, you may pass on the wrong information to your colleagues and your patients.

Unfortunately, inaccurate description of symptoms and wrong diagnosis can put a patient’s life in grave danger.

d) Emotional Stability

Taking care of sick people can sometimes be overwhelming and can cause stress. Oncology nurses often witness the sufferings of sick cancer patients and some of these people eventually die.

Nurses need to be emotionally stable in order to manage the heart-breaking situations that come with the job. They must not allow these sad events to affect them personally.

In a Nutshell

Nursing is a rewarding profession and there are lots of opportunities for oncology nurses in Malaysia. Besides the financial prospect, the joy of seeing your patients recover gives you a sense of fulfilment.