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A Career in Renal Nursing

A Career in Renal Nursing

In the last few decades, renal nursing, also known as nephrology nursing has evolved a great deal. It has successfully transformed into a specialty that requires both technical skills and clinical expertise.

These nurses are trained to be experts in treating patients that suffer from chronic kidney diseases. In addition, the demand for renal nursing has grown extensively, and more nursing colleges have started to offer specialization in renal nursing.

With the growing number of patients that suffer from chronic kidney diseases, you can expect the demand for skilled nurses. The number of patients around the world who suffer from the disease is currently over one million, and the number is expected to rise, which is why nursing colleges in Malaysia are training nurses to equip them with the technical skills and experience they require to care for such patients.

What Does a Renal Nurse Do?

As a renal nurse, you will specialize in the areas related to kidney disease, along with the required education and skills. Most nursing colleges offer a program that allows you to develop your skills and extend your experience when studying.

This allows you to jump on the matter, and get started with your career as soon as you have graduated. As a renal nurse, you will take on a great range of responsibilities ranging from administration, to health care.

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you can practice your skills in the following settings:

  • Local Community clinics
  • In-patient Dialysis Departments
  • Outpatient Dialysis Centres
  • Home Care Nurses
  • Medical Device Entrepreneur
  • Transplant Unit
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • NonProfit Health Care
  • Government Health Care

Renal Nursing Responsibilities:

Once you have graduated from a healthcare college, you can start applying in the field you are interested in. These can be any one of the sectors mentioned above or any other line of work. As when you are a qualified renal nurse, you will be able to work in a great deal of health sectors.

As you are open to both adult and pediatric patients who suffer from any kidney diseases, you can follow your heart when choosing. For instance, if you decide to work in a dialysis unit, you will be responsible for offering the primary care for patients that suffer from chronic kidney diseases. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing the patient, and developing their healthcare plan along with setting up a healthcare team for them.
  • Now using the skills taught at your healthcare college you will be required to identify the risk factors.
  • Notify the family and the patient about the procedure, development, and assessment.
  • Help answer any and all questions, then help them adjust to the situation.
  • Take thorough notes during the dialysis treatment, keep the patients and equipment status in check. In addition, make sure each aspect of the treatment is in check.

These are some of the many responsibilities you will be required to take on as a renal nurse. In addition, if you offer any other type of patient care, or wish to take on a new area, the requirements and process can be different.

If you are looking at a healthcare college that offers you a great program, then make sure they include all that you need. These factors will depend on how you wish to extend your career.

Keep in mind this is a specialization program, and you will be required to take on each and every aspect regarding renal nursing. The program is not an easy one but offers great benefits for you to enjoy.

With sizable industry and growing demand for renal nursing, graduates will be in great hands, where they will be able to build a career and help others at the same time.