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10 Career Opportunities Available in the Nursing Field

10 Career Opportunities Available in the Nursing Field

When you mention a nurse, the picture that comes to mind is that of a person who loves to help others out; as rendering this kind of help to other people leaves a smile on their face. This smile confirms the kind of joy they have in their hearts whenever they carry out such acts of kindness.

The demand for nurses is obviously one of the main reasons why so many people choose the profession. There are many job opportunities available in various nursing disciplines, and to help you see the potential jobs you will have access to after attending a healthcare college, we have listed down ten different types of nursing jobs.

1) Nurse Anaesthetist

Several nursing colleges offer courses to become a nurse anesthetist. As a nurse anesthetist, your job description will be to administer anesthesia in a number of settings, such as for inpatient, emergency, and outpatient treatments. In this nursing discipline, the best way to set yourself apart is by becoming a certified anesthetist nurse. This way, you will have access to many possibilities.


2) Research Nursing

If you are a research lover, following your studies in a nursing college in Malaysia, you can begin to work in the research sector. There are several medical labs, universities, non-profit organizations, and healthcare offices that are continuously on the lookout for research nurses.

Learning never stops for people in this discipline. Therefore, if you like to acquire knowledge at every available opportunity, you will discover your love in researching new topics and learning through the process.


3) Mental Health Nursing

As a certified nurse, you will have the opportunity to see and help mentally unstable patients. You can either work for an organization or a family that requires your services. Either way, working in this area is another great opportunity to help others.


4) Midwife Nursing

A healthcare nursing college teaches you to a large extent and also gives you the freedom to specialize in specific sectors. One of these areas is the chance to become a certified midwife nurse. However, your duty point won’t stop at homes, because many hospitals and clinics need midwife nurses to assist them.


5) Pediatric Nursing

Here’s the one to go for if you are good with children and would love to help them out. Once you have specialized in this field, you will be able to work with any hospital or clinic around the world. It is one of the most rewarding fields that offer you a chance to help kids feel better.


6) Orthopedic Nursing

After attending a nursing college, you can begin to work in this field as an orthopedic nurse. In this case, treatment of muscle and bone related problems will be your concern. On a daily basis, you will come across several cases, ranging from fractures to chronic disorders, and everything in-between. This is an extremely versatile specialty that will offer you a chance to learn the movement and function of the human body to a large extent.


7) Practitioner Nursing

As a practitioner nurse, providing patients with basic healthcare services will be your concern. The demand for nurses in this field never ends; it keeps increasing by the day. Also, the scope is truly a wide one. This makes it extremely easy for a  graduate to get a job after attending a nursing college and obtaining board certification.


8) Clinical Nursing

As a certified clinical nurse, you will develop many skills. The requirements these clinical nurses have to meet up with are higher than the usual certified nursing jobs; as you will be required to excel in your sector.

In this sector, not only your educational skills with be tested, but your skills at conversations too.


9) Geriatric Nursing

As a geriatric nurse, your work will require you to care for the elderly. This requires you to be responsible for a wide range of tasks. There are nursing colleges in Malaysia that offer you the opportunity to specialize as a geriatric nurse.


10) Neonatal Nursing

If you are interested in working with premature or newborn babies, then this field is for you. However, you will be required to specialize as a neonatal nurse. This field is a growing one in which you would have the opportunity to assist with highly complicated procedures.


So, here you go; you have the ten different types of nursing jobs and each of them offers you a chance to serve. You get to work with the opportunity to change lives; even as you earn a living. Being a nurse is without doubt a rewarding career, which offers you plenty of opportunity for lifelong learning as well as career advancement.

If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out to us for a counseling session. We are always ready to listen. Our friendly and helpful team will also be more than happy to offer you all the information and recommendation you need. This not only includes your career path, but also your studies.